Tuesday, April 10, 2012

6-year-old shows a big heart is better than two hands

Friday will mark an unofficial holiday here in St. Louis. It's the Cardinals home-opener. The day is an unofficial holiday because the Cardinals will magically have a full stadium in the middle of a work day. No one ever get fired, though - as it's entirely possible to see your boss having a hot dog and a beverage just a few rows in front of you. Asking if St. Louis is a baseball town is like asking if the President lives at The White House. You should really know the answer before you ask.

Don't think the youngsters will be left behind. Thousands of little leaguers will take their respective fields as well this spring. The crack of a bat at the majestic Busch Stadium in St. Louis and the ping of a bat on a little league field in Georgia make the same, sweet sound. So, the story of six-year-old Reece Holloway is both inspiring and uplifting. Reece was born with one hand and zero fear. Watch the KVUE story on the young man below (email subscribers click here).

His biggest issue is that he can't tie his shoes. Big deal. Most grown men can't either. That's why our wives buy us cool (slip-on) dress shoes. When we do have to tie our shoes, we use a double knot. Let your kids have a look at Reece's story the next time they say they can't do something or it's too hard. Reece has the will to play baseball and proves the old adage true: Where there's a will, there is indeed a way. Until next time...

Be a Good Sport!