Monday, April 23, 2012

Are you undermining your kid's coach?

Now, I know no one who reads the Sportsmanship Blog does this, but it's an interesting question posed by Margie Ellisor of Fox 2 News in St. Louis. She interviewed Dr. Phillip Dembo, author of "The Real Purpose of Parenting," on Monday to ask the very provocative question mentioned in the title. Watch the interview below (email subscribers click here).

Why do parents pull this stuff? I taught for 10 years. Some of the parents thought I was a good teacher and others didn't. However, not one parent EVER tried to take over my math class. Even the kids whose parents were engineers or teachers themselves never attempted such a ridiculous thing. Think about it. How silly would you feel and how silly would it look to your child if you tried to teach the Pythagorean Theorem in their class?

Well, you look just as ridiculous when you try to call plays from the stands and tell your child to do what you taught them while playing on someone else's team. It all goes back to what we've been saying on this blog for three years: Know. Your. Role. Pick one role for yourself and respect the others. It's just that simple. Until next time...

 Be a Good Sport!