Monday, April 30, 2012

Coach allegedly stole $20,000 from team's concession stand

Almost every recreational and school league I know of operates a concession stand during games. Believe it or not, concession stands help offset the rising cost of youth sports. Those pizza slices, candy bars and sodas go a long way. The money is supposed to help the team. Someone has to keep the fields nice and trimmed. Someone has to clean the gutters outside the gym. The light bulbs need to be replaced. The meter doesn't stop running on the electric bill when your facility hosts the league championship all day on Saturday and Sunday. I think you get the picture. Youth sports is about fun, but the adults have to take care of certain responsibilities so the kids can have fun.

Well, it seems a coach in Florida missed the memo. David Saliba abruptly resigned from his position as head baseball coach at Winter Haven (Fla.) High School after he was told that school officials were investigating him for allegedly mishandling some $20,000 in concession stand proceeds. Check out the WTSP-TV story below (email subscribers click here).

If these allegations are true, the kids will suffer most. You can buy tons of baseball equipment and maintain several fields with $20,000. Make sure there are safeguards in place in your league to keep this type of thing from happening. While we should do everything we can to build an atmosphere of trust, we should also remember our ultimate responsibility is to the kids. Join the discussion on The Sportsmanship Network. What can we do to keep everyone honest in our leagues? Until next time...

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