Friday, April 20, 2012

Dwayne Wade bans Gabrielle Union from courtside

Gabrielle Union is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and talented actors in Hollywood. She's also been dating Miami Heat All-Star guard Dwayne Wade for several years. As with many celebrities, Union's reserved seating is usually courtside. Notice I said usually. You see, Union recently lost her prime seating privileges when Wade asked her to move back a few rows. Take a look at her recent appearance on Conan O'Brien's show (email subscribers click here). Union explains why her superstar boyfriend banned her from sitting behind the bench.

Contrary to popular belief, most professional athletes get along with guys on the other team. They hang out, vacation, together, etc. It's not cool to insult your boyfriend and his friends when he's the reason you're in the building. Moreover, it's distracting and takes the players' focus off the game. If an all-world player like Wade is distracted by a loved one and he plays in packed arenas every night, imagine how your kid feels when you yell from the stands.

I've seen more than one kid stop playing on a field or court to turn to the stands so they can hear the nonsense mom or dad is yelling. Yes, I said nonsense. It's nonsense because the kid has to stop helping his team to hear you. It's also nonsense because advice from the stands has never worked on any level I've ever seen. They're not going to score on the play you just called from the stands. More often than not, they get scored on because they stopped paying attention to listen to nonsense.

Don't be a distraction to your kids. Release them to the game. Let the coaches coach. Allow the kids to enjoy the experience. If you feel the need to yell, just stuff your face with more nachos. That's why they have concession stands at these games. Until next time...

Be a Good Sport!