Thursday, August 16, 2012

300-pound seventh-grader banned from Pee Wee league

Elijah Earnhardt is 12-years-old and he was looking forward to playing in the Mesquite Pee Wee Football Association this fall. Those plans were put on-hold when league officials informed him and his family that Elijah would not be able to play this season. Why? Well, Elijah is 6'1 and weighs nearly 300 pounds. The league limit is 135. Watch the story below for more details (email subscribers click here).

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Normally, I would be ranting and raving about how they should let the kid play. Not enough of our kids are active. Why are league officials holding this young man back? I would be wrong if I did all that. As you saw in the video, Elijah is eligible to play in his school's league. He just can't play Pee Wee football where the weight limit is 135 pounds. "But Sol, his coach said there are other kids in the league that weigh over 135. They just put an X on their helmets and they can only be linemen."

OK...two things about that. First, let's say there are other kids in the league who are over the weight limit. What do you think they weigh - 150, 175, 200 pounds maybe? At the heaviest, they're giving up at least 100 pounds to Elijah. The best athletes in the world aren't asked to compete against others who are 100 pounds heavier than they are. Here in St. Louis, the Rams have Steven Jackson. He's a big running back. Jackson's 6'3, 240 and has 5% bodyfat. However, he wouldn't last more than a few plays if he were put on the offensive line and had to routinely block 300-pound defensive linemen. Any kid in a Pee Wee league would be at a total disadvantage against Elijah.

Some people are going to get mad at me for this next point, but it needs to be expressed. Our kids are too big. There's no way around it. I know there are medical anomalies all the time, but an otherwise healthy seventh-grader should not be 300 pounds - or 200 pounds for that matter. Their bones, ligaments, tendons and vital organs are still 12. Yet, so many are double the size they should be. We feed them far too much junk and they get far too little exercise. The results of our collective irresponsibility as parents and those who care about children are now showing up on athletic fields.

They want to play and should be able to play, but it's becoming too dangerous for them to play. I'm not just talking about the 300-pound kid landing on your 140-pound kid. The health of the 300-pound kid has to be protected as well. Big kids are always pushed toward football, but hardly anyone checks to see if they're healthy enough to play. We have to do better. As parents, we need to prepare more home-cooked meals and those meals must include more vegetables, lean proteins and fewer carbohydrates. We have thousands of dollars worth of video game equipment, laptops, desktops and phones in our homes, but we have no dollars worth of exercise equipment.

Coaches can't have every post-game meal at the nearest and cheapest fast food restaurant. Take the kids where there are healthier options. We can all do more to encourage our school leaders and elected officials to increase the physical education requirements in our states. If we don't stem the tide now and I mean right now, the 800-pound gorilla in the room won't be an actual gorilla. It'll be your kid. Until next time...

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  1. I'm with ya on 100% of your analysis Sol. The other thing that disturbs me is the attitude his mom has that she's going to "fight" this. The kid can play football on the school team or he can find another league that doesn't have weight restrictions (they are out there). Like a lot things these days, she's trying to make their problem, someone elses...

  2. Please dont let this young man fall by the wayside. Please Father GOD touch some athelete's heart to mentor this young man before he becomes discouraged. AMEN!!!

    1. Thanks so much for your prayers. Elijah is on his was to LA to meet with a team as we speak! They paid for him to come out so that they could lift hos spirits up! Please continue to pray for him and keep him up!

  3. I know this child personally, he is my daughters half brother. He is called the gentle giant, as he is so sweet. However, as much as I love him, you are correct. As a coach and as his family, we have to be mindful of the fact that he is the size of a full grown man. Falling wrong on another kid, or even getting hit and falling on any of the lighter children could cause injury, and we can;t have that.